Wills & Probate

Probate - We understand the difficult process involved following the loss of a loved one especially having to put their wishes into effect. Our sympathetic and friendly Probate team will advise and help during this upsetting time and assist you to resolve matters as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We can help you at this sad and stressful time. We will obtain a Grant of Probate on behalf of the Executors and then identify, collect in and follow the wishes of your loved ones by distributing their assets.

We appreciate entirely how difficult it can be when a loved one or close friend has sadly passed away. We will efficiently deal with these often difficult issues, by attending you and taking your immediate instructions in relation to the assets and liabilities that exist at the time of passing. Not only will we on your behalf deal with issues at the Probate Registry, making application for the relevant Grant of Probate, or Letters of Administration, together with other applications, we will also communicate immediately with those persons and organisations with whom your loved ones have registered assets and/or liabilities and debts, in order to deal with the smooth administration of the Estate.

In addition if a property needs to be sold, we are able to offer the services of our Conveyancing Department in relation to any sale of property at this time.

We will obviously communicate with other professionals if need be, relating to the collection and ultimate distribution of assets, including Financial Consultants, Estate Agents, Surveyors, Stock Brokers and those who are required to give professional advice in relation to the administration of the Estate.

We are there to listen to you, we are there to cater for your needs and not only are we there to provide a sympathetic approach, but also professional approach with understanding, care and sensitivity being required at such a difficult time. We appreciate that each case has its own individual characteristics and we will identify the best approach in your particular case, concerning your individual needs.

How long will the process take
The process will take approximately 3 to 12 months on average depending on the extent of the Estate and the number of Beneficiaries.

The factors that will indicate that the timescale will be towards the lower end of the range are:-
There is a valid Will
There is no more than 1 property
There are no more than 5 Bank or Building Society accounts
There are no other intangible assets
There are no more than 5 Beneficiaries
There are no disputes between Beneficiaries on division of assets
If disputes arise this is likely to lead to an increase in costs
There is no Inheritance Tax payable and the Executors do not need to submit a full account to HMRC
There are no claims made against the Estate

Wills - It is important to ensure your family know how you wish your affairs to be dealt with in the event of your death. Our specialist team will help you make a Will which ensures that the property and savings you have worked hard for during your lifetime will pass to the people that you wish to benefit from them.

For further information,advice or to book an appointment with our team please contact us on 02920 864666 or by email to Costley and Partners.

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