Conveyancing Department

Conveyancing Legal Fees Freehold Sale
Price up to £100,000.00 £460.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £552.00
Price £100,000.00 - £150,000.00 £485.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £582.00
Price £150,001.00 - £200,000.00 £510.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £612.00
Price £200,001.00 - £300,000.00 £535.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £642.00
Price £300,001.00 - £400,000.00 £560.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £672.00
Price £400,001.00 - £500,000.00 £600.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £720.00
Price £500,001.00 onwards Fees available on request
Conveyancing Legal Fees Freehold Purchase
Price up to £100,000.00 £500.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £600.00
Price £100,000.00 - £200,000.00 £540.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £648.00
Price £200,001.00 - £300,000.00 £580.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £696.00
Price £300,001.00 - £400,000.00 £620.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £744.00
Price £400.001.00 - £500,000.00 £660.00 plus VAT - total incl VAT £792.00
Price £500.001 - onwards Fees available on request
Remortgage £350.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £420.00
Transfer of Equity £350.00 plus VAT - Total incl VAT £420.00

Please note: if dealing with a "Shared Ownership" or "Right to Buy" an additional £50.00 plus VAT will be added to the legal fees.

Additional Services

Service Fees
Additional Mortgage Charges - Our standard fee quoted is for liaising with one mortgage lender. Where there are additional Lenders this fee will apply £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
Buy to Let - Lenders may often have more requirements and conditions for a Buy to Let Mortgage. This fee will apply for the additional work involved. £100.00 plus VAT - Total fee £120.00
Drafting a Deed of Trust - This document may be required if the clients are purchasing jointly in unequal shares. £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
Drafting Deed of Variation - This document may be required to vary the term of a deed. £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
Drafting a Statutory Declaration - This may be necessary to support a defect in title. Or perhaps where you are providing a gifted deposit to support that you are solvent and able to provide the gift. £100.00 plus VAT - Total fee £120.00
Equity Loans - This fee will be applied if you are obtaining an equity loan and any additional work to comply with the Lender's requirements. £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
First Registration Application - If dealing with a sale property and the property is unregistered, if the purchasers solicitors require us to make a first registration application then this fee will apply for preparing the application and liaising with HM Land Registry. £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
Gifted Deposits - Please ensure if you are having a mortgage that the Lender is aware of the gifted deposit. This fee applies for the work involved in verifying the Giftors ID, verifying source of funds and liaising with your Lender in respect of the gift. £75.00 plus VAT - Total fee £90.00
Help to Buy ISA/ Lifetime ISA (LISA) Additional work involved in preparing the documents for signature and sbumitting the application for the Bonus to Help to Buy/LISA. £50.00 plus VAT - Total fee £60.00
Indemnity Policy Fee - To support a defect in title. £50.00 plus VAT - Total fee £60.00
Leasehold Fee - Leasehold titles are more complicated and will require further investigation and liasing with third parties ie Management companies. £200.00 plus VAT - Total fee £240.00
Leasehold Notice - (Only applicable to leasehold properties) If we are required to serve notice on a Landlord/Management Company then this fee will apply. £40.00 plus VAT - Total fee £48.00
Liaising with Third Parties - If we are required to liaise with any parties not directly involved in selling/buying of the particular property then this will involve more work and as a result this fee will be charged. £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
Negative Equity - For any additional work involved where you are in negative equity ie verifying source of funds as you will need to provide a balance to complete. £100.00 plus VAT - Total fee £120.00
New Build Fee - More complex than a standard freehold and involves consideration of a significant amount of paperwork. In addition to this new, builds are subject to a tighter timescale. £200.00 plus VAT - Total fee £240.00
Occupier Deed - Where there is a need to forward an occupier deed to a party residing at a property but not part of the sale/purchase transaction. £50.00 plus VAT - Total fee 60.00
Removal of Restrictions - Where there are restrictions registered against the title which need to be removed prior to allow the transaction to proceed. This will be charged for liaising with the party with the benefit of the restriction and preparing and submitting the application to HM Land Registry and liaising with HM Land Registry in respect of the same. £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
Shared Ownership Properties - For the additional work involved in liasing with any Landord/Management Company. £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
Solar Panels - For any additional work in obtaining certificates, liaising with solar panel companies and energy providers. £150.00 plus VAT - Total fee £180.00
Split Chain Disclaimer - For any additional work incurred as a result of the parties splitting the chain. £100.00 plus VAT - Total fee £120.00
Unregistered Property - Unregistered titles can be more complex and may require further investigation. £100.00 plus VAT - Total fee £120.00

Work is undertaken at an hourly rate of 180.00 plus VAT for a Senior Partner

Our charges are based on a time spent basis at the hourly rate of £180.00 plus VAT and Disbursements.

We have found our range of fees are usually between £500.00 plus VAT and Disbursements and £4000.00 plus VAT and Disbursements.
The precise cost will depend on how complicated the Estate is that has been left. If there is no property involved and only a few different assets, then the cost would possibly be at the lower end. If there is property, shares, various Bank Accounts and savings, together with a number of Beneficiaries, then the cost will be at the higher end.

Possible Disbursements
Probate Application fee £155.00 plus any additional copies - £1.50
Searches regarding Bankruptcy - £2.00 per each Beneficiary
Posting in the London Gazette relating to creditors/unexpected claims £100.00 - £300.00
Notification in a local newspaper relating to creditors/unexpected claims £200.00 - £400.00

Possible Added Costs
Dealing with an Estate where no Will was made
Dealing with an Estate where there are a number of stocks or shareholdings
Dealing with Sale/Transfer of property - not included in costs as above but we will obtain a quote from our Conveyancing Department.
VAT is charged at 20%

Residential Conveyancing
Please see above detailed costings.

Motoring Offences
For minor motoring offences such as Drink Driving (where the level of intoxication is 75mg or less, Speeding and Driving Without the Necessary Documentation, our fees will be £200.00 plus VAT per hours.

The work to be carried out would include attendance and preparation, considering evidence, taking instructions, providing advice on the likely sentence, and attendance at the Magistrates Court.

In addition travel and waiting time will be charged at a rate of £200.00 plus VAT per hour, and mileage at 45 pence plus VAT per mile, and any other reasonable disbursements such as car parking.

If the matter is a not guilty plea, instruction of an Expert Witness will/may be necessary and that fee will be in addition to our fees. These fees vary and are normally £500.00 plus VAT.

If there is a Special Reasons hearing (to try to prevent disqualification), again the fee rate is £200 plus VAT.

VAT is charged at 20%.

The key stages of matters such as this are normally one hearing on a guilty plea basis.
There will be two hearings if there is a guilty plea and a Special Reasons Argument.

In relation to not guilty pleas, there will be an initial hearing where the plea will be entered, a further hearing where the trial will take place and potentially a third hearing for sentence.

The exact timescales are reliant upon the Court Listing System.

In summary - the case will involve meeting you, for you to provide instructions on what happened; we will consider the Prosecution Disclosure Papers and any other evidence and provide advice upon it; arranging to take any Witness Statements if necessary from other persons who were in the vehicle; we will explain the Court Procedure to you so that you know what to expect on the day of the hearing, and the sentencing options available to the Court; we will conduct any further preparatory work (eg any further instructions from you or the instruction of an Expert); we will attend Court on the day of the hearing and conduct a meeting before going into Court and advise you of the result.

We will also advise on any likelihood of a successful appeal.